How To Choose the Perfect Santorini Flying Dress To Look Like Model

When thinking of a Flying Dress pictorial in Santorini, finding the right dress that makes you feel beautiful is non-negotiable. The shoot revolves around the concept of a fabulous dress photographed in dramatic fashion, so you know discovering a gorgeous piece of clothing should be at the forefront of your decision making. Keep reading to learn the tried and true characteristics of finding your Perfect Santorini Flying Dress for flawless images.

Finding the Perfect Santorini Flying Dress in a Nutshell

  • Be kind to your body. Select a dress that is beautiful on your unique body shape. Play up your assets, or be keenly aware of what you would like to be a bit more hidden. 
  • Keep it comfy. Wear something that does not serve as a distraction throughout your day. Make sure it is breathable, flattering on your body, and makes you feel like yourself.
  • Come up with a concept. Know exactly what you want and how you envision your photos. Let your dress be a reflection of the location & vibe of the photoshoot.
  • Color me pretty. Pick a dress that goes nicely with your skin tone and hair color. Wear hues that you know are flattering on you, especially in pictures.

Don’t follow the pack. Ignore the trends, and don’t compare yourself to other women who have done Flying Dress pictorials in the past. It’s your day to shine!

 1. Find a flattering look for your body

One of the most important aspects of finding your perfect Santorini Flying Dress is to wear a cut and style that is flattering on you. Not only does it photograph better, but if you are wearing something too tight or otherwise ill-fitting, it will undoubtedly serve as a distraction and make you feel uncomfortable. Be aware if you want to hide certain features, or if you are sure you want a style that can be worn with a bra. 

When skimming the Flying Dress catalog for a rental, it is possible you will not find your exact size, but you can certainly find a dress that highlights your greatest assets. Complement your body thanks to various Santorini dress options, including accentuating your waist, shoulders, back, or legs. There are also options for more discreet cuts for women who would like more coverage. 

Flying Dress bonus: Check out our ultimate Size Guide to learn the most flattering dress cuts and styles for your body type

 2. Wear what makes you feel comfortable

Is there anything worse than feeling uncomfortable in what you’re wearing? Whether it’s too tight or feels like something that doesn’t represent your aesthetic, the feeling of discomfort is distracting. The same goes for the Santorini dress of your choosing, and no matter how beautiful the dress may be, if it’s uncomfortable, it’s simply not worth it! 

Be absolutely sure when you choose your dress that you can move freely, since, after all, part of a Santorini Flying Dress photoshoot is all about movement. Don’t wear anything too tight or a cut that you would normally never wear. Regardless if it’s physical or psychological comfort, it is essential that you choose the perfect dress that makes you feel your very best. 

 3. Know your Santorini Flying Dress photoshoot concept

It is important to visualize your Flying Dress photoshoot. Is the background the classic Cycladic white and blue architecture of the villages along the coastline? Is it a dreamy beach photoshoot? Are you going for more glam, or perhaps a bit more of a bohemian chic vibe? Believe it or not, the concept should be very much intertwined with the dress you choose.

So, be sure to consider the overall concept and its corresponding location during your Santorini Flying Dress pictorial. If you’re looking for high drama, there’s nothing quite like an electric red or midnight black dress. If it’s Grecian ethereal you dream of, it’s hard to go wrong with a soft white or even a vibrant blue to match the sparkling Aegean Sea. In all, the dress should reflect the concept for perfect harmony.

 4. Identify the right color palette for your hair & skin

Like with all clothes you wear on a daily basis, some colors inevitably work better on you than others. Don’t let the excitement of a Flying Dress photoshoot get the best of you and suddenly reject a lifetime of knowing your own color palette. Spend time looking through the catalog of dresses, but be sure to choose a dress that matches your skin tone and hair.

You can also ask your Santorini photographer to look through their previous work to get inspiration on what other women with similar skin tone and hair to you did in their photoshoots. With a selection of pale pinks and blues, to deep burgundy and black, to electric blues and yellows, there is undoubtedly the perfect shade for you, no matter what your palette is. 

 5. Ignore the trends & what others are doing

Bear in mind that you will look back on your Santorini Flying Dress pictures for years to come, so you want something that looks timeless. It is best not to get swept up in what is trendy, especially if it’s not otherwise a proper reflection of your style. Even though you may want to choose a dress that is different from your everyday look, you do not want to wear something that doesn’t feel like you.

Even though looking for inspiration from others for your Flying Dress photoshoot is a great idea, getting bogged down by what others look like is a recipe for disaster. A quick search on social media will show you plenty of Flying Dress pictorials, but comparing your body type and setting your expectations based on others is a poor choice. At the end of the day, what will make you feel best is focusing on yourself and not what anyone else has done in the past. 

Let our expert photographers help you choose the perfect Santorini Flying Dress

At Flying Dress, we understand the importance of finding your ideal look. Our Santorini photographers work closely with you to ensure that you find the perfect dress that makes you look and feel your absolute best. From finding the best color and cut to coming up with a cohesive concept that reflects the style of your dress, we are eager to work alongside you so you feel like a model for a day.

Kick your modeling into overdrive with the perfect Flying Dress package. Learn more about all the options available to you for a picture-perfect outing in Santorini.

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