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Discover the Best Locations for a Flowing Dress Photoshoot in Athens

Athens, a city steeped in history and blessed with breathtaking landscapes, offers the perfect canvas for a flying dress photoshoot. These photoshoots, which feature stunning dresses designed to billow beautifully, capture dramatic and elegant images against captivating backdrops. Whether you are seeking the grandeur of historic architecture or the tranquility of natural settings, Athens has locations that provide the perfect scene. Here are the top picks, including the recommended spots and a few additional suggestions.


1. National University of Athens

The historic building of the National University of Athens is an iconic landmark, boasting majestic neoclassical architecture. Its imposing columns and marble steps offer a grand setting that contrasts strikingly with the soft, flowing fabrics of a flying dress. The sense of scale and the rich history encapsulated in its walls provide a dramatic backdrop that enhances the elegance and impact of any photoshoot.


2. National Garden

Located in the heart of the city, the National Garden offers a lush, verdant backdrop that feels like an oasis amid the urban landscape. This location is perfect for those who envision their flying dress photoshoot surrounded by nature. The garden's diverse flora, quaint walkways, and hidden alcoves create a variety of scenes for stunning photography. The natural light filtering through the trees adds a magical touch to the flowing dresses.


3. By the Sea in Vouliagmeni

Vouliagmeni, situated on the Athenian Riviera, provides a breathtaking seaside setting. The azure waters of the Aegean Sea, combined with the golden sands and rocky outcrops, offer a serene and majestic backdrop perfect for a photoshoot. Sunrise or sunset times can capture the dress in beautiful light, with the sea's natural tones complementing the fabric's movement.


4. Areopagus Hill with a View of the Acropolis

Areopagus Hill, located near the Acropolis, offers a unique perspective with the ancient citadel as a backdrop. The hill itself is a significant historical and cultural site, providing a rugged, natural setting that contrasts beautifully with the flowing elegance of a flying dress. The views from here are truly spectacular, especially at dawn or dusk when the light bathes the Acropolis in golden hues, creating a breathtaking silhouette.


Additional Recommended Locations


5. Plaka Neighborhood

Plaka, known for its charming streets and traditional Greek architecture, offers a colorful and vibrant backdrop. The narrow lanes, lined with bougainvillea and quaint houses, provide a lively and picturesque setting. This area embodies the spirit of old Athens, making it ideal for capturing images with a storybook feel.


6. Lycabettus Hill

For those seeking a panoramic view of Athens, Lycabettus Hill is unmatched. The hill provides a high vantage point with sweeping views of the city below, including the Acropolis and the sea. Early morning or late afternoon shoots here can utilize the captivating hues of the sky, enhancing the dramatic impact of any flying dress photo.


Athens is a city where history and beauty converge, offering diverse and inspiring locations for a flying dress photoshoot. From the academic grandeur of the National University to the serene beaches of Vouliagmeni, each location offers a unique set of elements that can help tell your story through vivid imagery and stunning scenery. Whether you choose the urban sophistication of historical landmarks or the natural beauty of seaside vistas, your photos are sure to be as enchanting as the city itself.

The Ultimate Guide to a Flying Dress Photoshoot in Athens

A flying dress photoshoot in Athens offers a blend of stunning visuals against iconic historical backdrops and a truly unforgettable experience. This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the planning and execution of your dream photoshoot, ensuring everything from dress selection to understanding what’s included in your package is covered.


1. Understanding Flying Dress Photoshoots


Flying dress photoshoots showcase beautifully flowing dresses designed to create dramatic and ethereal visuals when captured in motion. The right dress not only highlights your beauty but also complements Athens's historic and natural landscapes.


2. Choosing Your Dress


Selecting the Right Dress:

  • Style and Fit: Opt for a dress that flatters your body shape and reflects your personal style. Dresses with extensive, flowing fabrics are ideal for capturing the dynamic, sweeping shots characteristic of flying dress photos.
  • Color: Choose a color that stands out against your photoshoot backdrop. Bright colors typically contrast well against the muted tones of ancient ruins or the deep blues of the Greek seascape.


3. Hiring a Photographer


Finding the Right Photographer:

  • Choose a photographer with experience in flying dress photoshoots. Their portfolio should resonate with the style and quality you envision.
  • Discuss your expectations and specific desires for the photoshoot to ensure alignment on the outcome.


  • Quality photography is an investment. While photographer fees vary, selecting a skilled photographer is crucial for this type of specialized shoot.


4. Picking the Perfect Location


Athens is home to several picturesque locations suitable for a flying dress photoshoot:

  • National University of Athens: Offers a grand architectural backdrop.
  • National Garden: Ideal for those seeking a lush, verdant setting.
  • Vouliagmeni: Perfect for beachside shoots with a view of the Aegean Sea.
  • Areopagus Hill: Features historic vistas with the Acropolis in the background.


5. Planning the Photoshoot


Best Time for Photoshoots:

  • Schedule your photoshoot during the golden hours—early morning or late afternoon—to capture the best soft, natural light.

What to Bring:

  • Wear comfortable shoes for walking to various shoot locations.
  • Bring makeup and hair products for touch-ups.
  • Pack water and snacks, especially for longer sessions.

Permissions and Fees:

  • All necessary permissions and location fees are included in your package, alleviating the need for you to manage these logistics.


6. During the Photoshoot


  • Follow the Photographer's Directions: Trust your photographer's expertise in positioning and movement to capture the perfect shots.
  • Relax and Have Fun: Embrace the experience, which is just as important as the beautiful photos you will receive.


7. After the Photoshoot


  • Photo Selection and Editing: You'll choose your favorite images to be professionally edited from the session.
  • Receiving Your Photos: Final edited images are usually delivered within a few weeks after selection.


8. Additional Tips


  • Weather Considerations: Have a flexible schedule in case of unforeseen weather changes.
  • Dress Comfortably: Choose undergarments and basics that won’t distract from your experience and comfort.


Planning a flying dress photoshoot in Athens can be as seamless as it is spectacular. By leveraging a complete package that covers everything from dress rentals to location fees, you're set to enjoy a hassle-free shoot against some of the most beautiful backdrops Greece has to offer. This guide ensures you’re well-prepared to capture timeless memories in one of the world’s most picturesque cities.

Easy Steps to Book Your Photoshoot in Athens

Booking your flying dress photoshoot in Athens is straightforward and can be done right here on our website:


How to Book Your Photoshoot:


  1. Use the 'Book Now' Button: Simply click the 'Book Now' button located at the top of this page. This will take you directly to our easy-to-use booking system.

  2. Select Your Package: Once in the booking system, you can choose from various packages that cater to different needs and preferences. Select one that best fits your photoshoot goals, whether it’s for a solo session, a couple’s shoot, or a group event.

  3. Check Availability: Enter your preferred date and time. The system will automatically check our photographers' availability and confirm whether your chosen slot is available.

  4. Provide Your Details: Fill in necessary details such as the number of participants and any specific requirements. This information helps us tailor the photoshoot to your expectations.

  5. Confirm and Pay: Review all the information you've provided, confirm your choices, and proceed to payment. You can securely pay the deposit or full amount as required by your chosen package.


How to Check Prices:


  • Visit Our Pricing Page: For detailed information about the costs associated with different packages, click on the 'Pricing' page available in the navigation menu. Here, you'll find comprehensive pricing details, including what each package includes and any optional services you might consider.


After Booking:


  • Confirmation: After your booking is confirmed and payment is processed, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the details of your scheduled photoshoot. This includes the date, time, location, and a brief overview of what to expect.

  • Prepare for the Shoot: Get ready for your photoshoot by preparing any personal items you need to bring along, such as specific makeup or hair products, especially if they are not included in your package.


Booking your flying dress photoshoot through our website ensures a smooth process from start to finish. If you have any questions or need further assistance during the booking process, please do not hesitate to contact us through the help options available on our site

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