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  "Express" "Marilyn" POPULAR "Happy Birthday" "Mr. President" "Casual" "Group (2 or more girls)"
  PRICE €370.00
PRICE €550.00
PRICE €990.00
PRICE €1,500.00
PRICE €450.00
PRICE €370.00
Shooting 30 min 1 hour 1 hour 2 hour 1 hour 30 min each
Dress 1 1 1 2 Not included 1
Color corrected photos 8 photos 15 photos 25 photos 50 photos 25 photos 8 photos each
High-end retouched photos 3 photos 6 photos 10 photos 25 photos 5 photos 3 photos each
Edited photos within 25 days within 25 days within 15 days within 15 days within 25 days within 25 days
Get all photos in web resolution without editing within 14 days within 14 days within 7 days within 7 days within 14 days within 14 days
Unlimited rights usage
Creative guidance
Backup of all photos for 1 year in case of loss
Personal assistant to help making the dress fly
Hairstyling and full make-up
Short slo-mo video for Instagram
Transportation to/from the shooting location with a luxury minivan
Assistant to help making the dress fly (recommended)
Extra dress from our catalog option
Extra photoshoot hour with extra photos (6 retouched + 15 color corrected)
1-hour professionally curated video shoot (concurrent to photo shoot)
Short slo-mo video for Instagram
Complete confidentiality of the survey
All photos in RAW format
All photos in high-res with basic color correction (per photoshoot hour)
Full make-up and hairstyling
Full make-up
Fast editing within 7 days & next day previews
Fast editing within 3 days & next day previews
Transportation to the shooting location (one way)
Live your fashion fantasy in 3 easy steps

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We’re here to address all your inquiries. We’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions so you find what you need to know before booking your session.
Do I decide where the photoshoot takes place?

If you have locations in mind for your Santorini dress pictures, by all means, share your ideas with your photographer. However, with years of experience, your photographer has many of the best places in mind that will line up with vision

What’s the difference between retouch and color correction?

In simple terms, color correction makes the colors look nice. Retouch is an extra photo manipulation where we work with the skin, body, hair, and dress, and where we can remove things. Retouch takes a more time, but the results are much more impressive. 

These photos of course will be color corrected before the retouch so you don't have to choose the same photos for color correction. If you have special requests, please let us know.

Can I extend my photoshoot?

Sure, but we must know this in advance. You can add an extra hour at a cost of 300 euro/hour.

How will I receive my Santorini dress pictures?

We use DropBox cloud file-sharing site, which allows you to receive your pictures without lost quality. They will be available to view and are saved there one year after shooting. 

Where can I see your cancelation policies and terms & conditions?

You can check out our cancelation policies and terms & conditions at the website’s footer and the last step of the checkout process. Photoshoots canceled up to 72 hours in advance receive a full refund. We will charge a cancellation fee of 100% if the booking is canceled 72 hours or less before the event.

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