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The landscape of Santorini

Unearth the best photo spots in Santorini for superb pictures. Find lovely villages & beaches that are ideal locations for a Santorini Flying Dress photoshoot.

The landscape of Santorini
Photos from Santorini
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Can I choose more than one location for my Flying Dress photoshoot?

Yes, your photoshoot can occur in more than one location. However, please bear in mind that transferring around Santorini can be slow and the photoshoot is on a finite schedule, so some locations are not feasible when paired with others.

Is the location of the photoshoot assigned only to us?

Unfortunately no. We cannot close down any area of the island for the photoshoot, so there may be onlookers, especially if it’s typically a crowded area.

What are the best photo spots in Santorini away from the crowds?

It is possible to find less crowded places in Santorini, especially when you step out of the popular coastal villages. A nice idea for secluded photographs is on certain beaches in the evening, or in more rural areas where the landscape is vast and open.

Where are the best photo spots in Santorini during the sunset?

The best places to be during the sunset are along the western caldera coast. This includes the picturesque Finika (just outside of Oia) and Imerovigli. Further down the coast, Profitis Ilias, the highest point in Santorini, is a breathtaking sunset location and a place where the crowds are not overwhelming. 

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